Board meetings are held the second Tuesday of every month at 10:00 AM.  Locations vary. 


If you wish to address the Board during a meeting, please contact .

(click the e-mail address below):


Please remember that trash pickup days are Thursday with  recycling days  every other Thursday.


  • The large head sprinkler system runs Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday.  Starting with Lot #1 around 9:30 p.m. the system runs around the circle for approximately 12 minutes at each zone.

  • After the front yards complete, the system starts the back yards with Lot #25 & completes with Lot #1 and then the center circle.

  • Drip lines run on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday  for 20 minutes.

  • The system "Rain Gauge" should turn the system off when we have rain.

The Irrigation System has been reviewed for 2020 with repairs identified to be completed.  The water bill is a very important item on the HOA Budget.  If you see any problems with the system,  please contact:

Tom Studer at:

Your information could help save $$$$ on HOA fees.